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The value of your data shapes your business' success. However, companies use only a fraction of their obtainable data because most information is unstructured and unreachable in documents such as scans, PDFs, and emails. Manually extracting information is a repetitive and error-prone task that is both time-consuming and expensive.

To overcome these obstacles, use our ML-powered engine to automate your document analysis. You can train the learning system independently and thus promote the accuracy of the read-out.

Document Understanding on Invoice

Free Data Extraction Audit

Data automation, simplified.

You don't need to be a data scientist to automate the extraction of data from your documents. If you're looking to revolutionize the way you process documents, request a free personalized audit. Upload sample documents below and our free audit will assess how turicode can automate the data processing.

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What's included in the free audit:

  • Individual assessment of data extraction feasibility
  • Price quote
  • Next steps and resources to help you understand what's possible for your documents
  • Advice from document experts, ready to help you begin your automation journey

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Explore machine learning on your documents


ML-powered analytics

1 User

1 document type

10 data points

1'000 pages per month

Export as Excel, JSON, XML

Standard API 

Standard Onboarding & Support

Optimize your business processes from day one and profit from a pre-trained ML learning system.


Pre-trained ML-powered analytics

Web editor

10  users

60 data points

10'000 pages per month

Export as Excel, JSON, XML

Extended API

Extended Onboarding & Support

Packed with even more powerful features for enterprise customers — with the same ease-of-use our customers know and love.


Pre-trained ML-powered analytics

Web editor

10+ users

Unlimited data points

Custom page quota

Classification service

Custom data sources for automated validation

Data enrichments

Data normalization & transformation

(email, sharepoint, DMS,
enterprise authentication, etc.)

Custom hosting requirements
(on-premise solution, etc.)

Export as Excel, JSON, XML

Extended API

Custom Onboarding & Support


Key Benefits

Benefits Solution_ROI | acodis
Fast Return on Investment

Typically customers reach a return on investment within one year.  

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Save Time & Reduce Errors

90% less time spent on processing documents and significantly reduced error rate.

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Easy to use

Everyone can manage our easy to use interface. No coding skills required.

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Any Document, Every Layout

Process any file type; in any language, with any structure and layout.

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Your Preferred Hosting Environment

Run your document pipeline in the cloud or on your own servers. No limitations.

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Security & Compliance

Own dedicated machine learning modules and shared community modules available.

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Flexible Extensions

Start with your core challenge and add functionality on the go.

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Using Machine Learning accordingly and thoughtfully is opening up new opportunities to make internal processes more efficient and ultimately deliver better value to our customers. With Turicode, we have found an ideal partner that not only has profound expertise in this area but also executes in time, quality, and budget.

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Dr. Johannes Walther
Head of Sales Office at Roche Diagnostics

Structuring Unstructured Data

How it works
  1. Documents are loaded as PDF form in Turicode. The content (text, images, etc.) is processed within a matter of seconds – using text, image, and table recognition.
  2. With the help of Document Query Language (DQL), extracted data is then classified so that the document can be assigned to a class or category (e.g., a contract or an invoice).
  3. The individual texts and images are then evaluated and categorised by an algorithm. Turicode’s ML-engine understands intuitively whether a combination of numbers is, for example, a telephone number or an invoice number.
  4. If required, the data can then be analysed and validated. Amongst other things, this method can be used to check whether a data record is genuine. Additionally, it’s also possible to add further
When does it make sense to use Turicode?
  • If you process different document layouts. An example could include: if the product number is not always in the same location, the use of machine learning is necessary.
  • When it comes to differentiating one six-digit number from another six-digit number. Thanks to Turicode, content can be read and classified in seconds. 
  • You want your own machine learning model. Turicode offers you the opportunity to optimise a pre-trained ML model yourself.
  • In document processing, it's best to receive the highest quality results with reliable precision. Turicode always offers you the option of a manual quality check for peace of mind.
What should you look out for when evaluating competitors?
  • Can all present and future layouts be edited automatically?
  • Is it a machine learning system or a simple rule-based system?
  • Data protection: who has access to your machine learning model?
  • How easy is the software for your future users to operate?
  • Demo: were you able to test all of the required features or are they merely promises?

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